Images of Summer in Otter Creek Valley

Sometimes I like to share images that don’t fit into a specific subject area. Here are some photos that I have made recently around the valley. Hot weather has never arrived, and a 55 degree reading this morning felt more like autumn than late July.

Lavender Wildflower

Otter Creek SUnrise
Sunrise along Otter Creek

Hemlock House Summer Deck View
The early morning view from my deck.

Hemlock House with Pines
My house among the Hemlocks and Pines.

Black Cat On Tile Porch
Bentley keeping cool on the porch.

Brushy Top Log Home at Sunrise
A new log home on Brushy Top Mountain across from the house.

Hastas in Bloom
Hastas in my garden.

Rose Pinks beside Otter Pond
Rose Pinks beside Otter Pond.

Otter Pond with Water vines in Summer
Summer water vines rise to the surface of Otter Pond.

Fog no Dick's Mountain in Summer
Dick’s Mountain with an early morning fog.

Vann on his Deck
Yours truly on my deck.

Summer Sunset Over Bear Gap
Sunset on July 28th from my deck.

2 thoughts on “Images of Summer in Otter Creek Valley

  1. I am envious……everything looks so beautiful and cool there…….enjoy that mountain coolness.  I grew up with that, but didn’t like the winters Patsy


  2. Hey Vann, hope you are well. Love your cat’s name. My 8 year old Shih Tzu is named Bentley Arnage Riser. 2 funny.
    Enjoying your photos.

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