Deep in a Carolina Mountain Wood

Sometimes, especially after an early morning rain, I like to go deep into the woods along a small creek and make new discoveries. In this part of the mountains, the forest floor seldom sees direct sunlight, and the trees and shrubs reach up to gather what small amount of light gets through.

Branch in Carolina Forest

Even in late morning, everything is still wet, and the smell of decaying leaves fills the heavy air.

Golden Lab in Carolina Woods
Hunter, the old Golden Lab, always looks forward to these forays into the virgin woods. There are no trails, and moving through the low hanging limbs and vines can be quite a challenge.

Carolina  Rock Spring
Small rock springs are scattered along the steep gully walls.

Carolina Hardwoods Branch

At the bottom, a meandering branch makes its way eventually to Otter Pond, much further down the mountain.

Carolina Woods Funghi

In the dark wetness, funghi burst forth like coral on a reef.

Carolina Forest Mushroom
You almost feel as though Clown Fish should be darting around these unusual creations.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms in Summer
Turkey Mushrooms are very opportunistic when they find a decaying tree trunk along the branch.

Carolina Turkey Tail Log
Another variety of mushroom clings to a dead tree, with drops of rain trapped inside their spore filled folds.

Wild Aster Blooms
Emerging from the forest just above Otter Pond, Wild Asters greet me with the advancing Sun. The aroma turns to pine and the dogs head for the pond, looking for water birds.

2 thoughts on “Deep in a Carolina Mountain Wood

  1. Beautiful Vann……….looks so cool and we are into our hottest time.

    Thanks Patsy


  2. I really enjoy your blog. My husband and I have sold our home in Jupiter, FL and we are moving to Lake Lure. We bought land 10 years ago. I just returned from LL and here is my problem: chiggers!!! I’ve learned to spray my shoes with “Off” and it definitely helps. This trip home I had 2 ticks on me, as well. Do you have this problem? Keep your beautiful blog going. Maybe we will meet someday.

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