Corn Fields of Montford Cove

Just south of Interstate 40, and ten miles north of picturesque Lake Lure, is a fertile bottomland valley known as Montford Cove. The “Cove” refers to Cove Creek that flows south towards the Broad River east of Lake Lure. Corn and soybeans are the major crops, and Black Angus cattle graze in the expansive pastures.

Montford Cove Corn Fields

From mid August until September, the corn will be ready to harvest.

Long Mountain at Montford Cove
Pinnacle Peak and Long Mountain dominate the southeast horizon.

Montford Cove Hybrid Corn
Most of the corn here is a special hybrid that produces more ears per acre. Because of the heavy August rains this year, it should be a good crop.

2 thoughts on “Corn Fields of Montford Cove

  1. It’s solush and green, Vann! Everything in California is so brittle and brown. There are billboards about the drought proclaiming “Brown is the new green,” and people are talking about making sure your lawn is the “politically correct” shade of brownish green, to show you are cutting back on watering. And there was just a story in the Mercury News the other day saying that it doesn’t look like we will have an el Nino year after all — looks like we are setting up for another dry winter.

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