Early Autumn Color Along the Blue Ridge

After an unusually cool summer, with many mornings reaching the upper 40’s, the trees and shrubs on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge are already beginning to display those colors that make this area so popular with tourist in the fall. We’re still two months away from the peak of color along the Blue Ridge Parkway around Grandfather mountain, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the woods today.

Dogwoods of Summer
Dogwood and other waxy leafed trees are getting a head start on Fall.

Blackberry Leaves
The Blackberries that gave us their fruit for all those cobblers and homemade ice cream now show us the reds and oranges that signal the end of summer.

Tulip Poplar Leaves
The Tulip Poplars are turning yellow already, and fluttering in the breeze of late summer storms.

Waxy Red Leaves

Red Leaves at Sunrise

Morning Sunbeams in North Carolina
The days are getting shorter, and the forest is reacting to the change.

Red Rocks and Red Leaves
Where everything was green a week ago, now color is appearing everywhere you look.

2 thoughts on “Early Autumn Color Along the Blue Ridge

  1. Gee!  Photos are beautiful and does seem early for leaves to change.  It is hotter than blazes here.  I was so hot and sticky I drove to Starbucks in MD and picked up a Frap.  It did help cool me off…..

    Keep up with pictures……I really enjoy them.   Patsy


  2. Hi Vann, I’m Mary Kay who is moving up from Jupiter, FL. These pictures are gorgeous. I have missed peak leaves in Lake Lure since buying property there 10 years ago. I hope to make it this year. I have a friend who is supposed to email me when it’s time to get up there. My home closes the 29th. My business is going under contract. Hopefully I’ll be living there by then. Anyway, your pictures and your writing just make me more antsy to move up there. I really enjoy your blog. We will be living in Laurel Mountain Estates. Hope to meet you soon and I’ll be looking at your art at Larkins. I’m trying to sell down here the beach art that I’ve purchased. It won’t match a mountain home. Mary Kay

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