August Color along Otter Creek

The corn field along Otter Creek hides its best color underneath the stalks.

Blue Morning Glory
Blue seems to be the rarest color of all…

Pink Morning Glory
The pink is especially vibrant next to the red clay soil.

Otter Creek Red Wildflower
These red wildflowers grow from beneath the water’s surface where the creek is most swift.

Otter Creek Red Flowers

Otter Creek Meadow
This large meadow along the creek seems quite urban after a recent mowing.

Otter Creek Cabin and cattails
A small pond just above the creek reflects a cabin on a high bluff…

Apple Caterpillar
This lone apple on a small tree has a caterpillar guest…

Otter Creel Log Cabin
A new log cabin next to Otter Creek blends in with its surroundings…

Acer Maple at Otter Creek
This Acer Maple tree shows signs of an early autumn along the creek…

3 thoughts on “August Color along Otter Creek

  1. I believe that the red plant along/in the stream is a Cardinal Flower, a member of the Bluebell family. It matches the description given in my North American Wildflowers Book. Nancy

  2. Love the photos of the day…….morning glories are fabulous!  I like that red cabin!

    Thanks Patsy


  3. Wonderful pictures of your morning hike. The colors are so vibrant, favorite is the blue of the morning glories. What a cozy cabin, like how it does blend into the green around it. Guess Hunter isn’t up to par, since I only see Buddy, tagging along. So enjoy seeing all that beauty around you.

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