Between the Ridges in Tryon, North Carolina

Just north of the border between North and South Carolina, is the small town of Tryon. Lately, it’s become the equestrian center for these mountains, and a new “Horse Park” has just been completed in eastern Polk County. It’s an old town with roots back to the Revolutionary times, but it has nurtured a quiet ambiance that is attracting new residents from Atlanta and Columbia. These photos were made while visiting a home just north of Tryon. The location is on a bluff above the Pacolet River

Tryon North Carolina Ridges
To the southwest are three peaks. The one on the left is Piney Mountain on the North Carolina side. The right peak is the taller Melrose Mountain, still in North Carolina. The far distant peak is 3,200 foot Hogback Mountain in South Carolina, and it has a TV tower at its summit for a Spartanburg station.

Tryon Mountain
To the north is Tryon Peak at 3,300 feet, and Miller Mountain at 3,000 feet just to the west of Tryon Peak. Interstate 26 follows this ridge on it’s westward climb through Howard Gap to the Green River Gorge, and over the Eastern Continental Divide.

Hogback Mountain View
How would you like to have this view from your southern windows…

Tryon Peak Windows
…and this view to your north?

Pearsons Falls Torrent
Legendary Pearson’s Falls is just a short 15 minute drive due west of this home.

Hogback Mountain at Sunset
Even at sunset, the ridges are especially magical through the picture window.

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