Sunflowers in my Meadow

Narrow Leaf Sunflower Mountains

Every September, the Narrow Leaf Sunflowers that I planted three years ago in my front meadow seem to double in number, and this year, they have spread to other parts of the yard. I couldn’t be more pleased! These showy blooms follow the Sun across the sky from sunrise to sunset, thus their name. I’ve done a post for each of the past two Septembers, and you can take a look at those from the links underneath this post, but I couldn’t let this year’s display slip by without a few new images that capture the incredible profusion of flowers that peak right on the first day of autumn.

Narrow Leaf Sunflower House

Narrow leaf sunflower picture window

Remember, once you go directly to my blog, you can see the full screen version of any image in any of my posts just by clicking on it, then you can click anywhere on that image to enlarge it. Pretty cool….

Narrow Leaf Sunflower Short Leaf Pine
This Short Leaf Pine catches the first rays of the morning. It’s the only one like it in the meadow, and grew from a seed. I like the softness of the needles.

Otter Creek Hemlock House and Meadow

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