Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure

Rumbling Bald Mountain
Rumbling Bald Mountain towers over the tennis courts at the resort of the same name on the north end of beautiful Lake Lure. Two golf courses and two restaurants are also part of the resort.

Buffalo Creek at Lake Lure
Buffalo Creek is one of four rivers and creeks that flows into Lake Lure. The lake was made in 1926 when a dam was built at Hickory Nut Gap.

Rumbling Bald Lake Lure Beach
A manmade white sand beach looks south as the calm lake waters welcome swimmers.

Rumbling Bald Mountain View
Formerly known as Bald Mountain, the “Rumbling” name was added in the mid-19th century when a strong earthquake caused the mountain to shake and give off sounds like thunder. Ironically, the quake is purported to have happened just as a traveling preacher was giving a sermon near the mountain, and it was believed that the “rumbling” was a direct sign from God that mankind had to “mend his evil ways”.

Apple Valley Golf Club Fountain
Apple Valley Golf Club is one of the championship courses, and you won’t find a more breathtaking place to play in these mountains.

Bald Mountain Golf Course
Bald Mountain is the other course. The cult film, “Dirty Dancing” had scenes filmed on the sixteenth green of this course.

Bald Mountain Golf Tenth Tee
Bald Mountain, Tenth Tee

3 thoughts on “Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure

  1. That is a beautiful area……….golf course looks perfect! Do you play there? Thanks for the pictures. look a bit like paintings. Patsy


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