Hemphill Road in the Northwest Rutherford Mountains

Pinnacle Peak Shadows

Named for one of the original pioneer settlers, Hemphill Road connects Pinnacle Mountain and Pinnacle Peak, above, with Cove Creek two miles to the southwest. Half a mile north is McDowell County. Just twenty minutes after the above image was made, the image below was taken. Fast moving clouds can change the sky and shadows almost instantly. Don’t forget to click on any photo to see the full screen version, and once you’re there, click on the image again to make it even larger.

Pinnacle Peak Shadows

Doing an about face from this same spot, the mountains surrounding the northern end of iconic Lake Lure are shimmering in the late afternoon September sun.
Lake Lure Escarpment
Young’s Mountain on the left, and Mount Shumont on the right couldn’t be more dramatic as a storm moves in from the southwest.

Dick's Mountain Vista
The smaller mountain in the center is Dick’s Mountain, and my home is located in the valley just this side of that sun drenched ridge.

Rutherford County Mountains
Autumn is already having her way with some of the trees. The three photographs above were made within a few minutes of one another. The clouds parted just long enough to paint the trees and ridges in bright sunbeams.

Turning back around, Pinnacle Peak was hidden in full shadow as the Sun’s full light found the pines where Hemphill Road meets Tight Run Loop.
Pinnacle Peak Forest

Just for fun, I’m throwing in this image I made a few years ago of Hemphill Road, with Pinnacle Mountain and Pinnacle Peak in the distance.
Hemphill Road in Winter

One thought on “Hemphill Road in the Northwest Rutherford Mountains

  1. Just lovely views. It’s amazing how the change of light gives a whole new perspective of the same areas. Lucky you to have this opportunity every day, you live in such a beautiful area

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