Lake Lure in Early Autumn

Lake Lure South

On the first day of Autumn that saw ice and frost, a deep blue sky combined with very low humidity allowed Lake Lure to be seen in all its crisp glory. The above view is looking due south from the northernmost point of the lake.

Sugarloaf Mountain over Lake Lure 1\
At 3,900 feet. Sugarloaf Mountain towers over Chimney Rock Mountain. This view is from the highest vantage point on the eastern side of the lake, looking to the southwest.

Hickory Nut Gorge
Hickory Nut Gorge and the Rocky Broad River enter Lake Lure from the west. In the distance at the west end of the gorge, you can see 4,400 foot Bearwallow Mountain.

Mount Shumont over Lake Lure
At 4,000 feet, Mt. Shumont is the tallest peak in Rutherford County. This view is from Buffalo Shoals Road on the eastern side of the lake. The exposed granite of Rumbling Bald Mountain is barely visible to the left.

2 thoughts on “Lake Lure in Early Autumn

  1. How beautiful……thanks for the pics. First one looks as though it should be framed!



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