Finding a Vineyard near Lake Lure

Young's Mountain Eastern Slope

While exploring backroads along the eastern slopes of 2,600 foot Young’s Mountain, northeast of Lake Lure, above, I happened upon a gravel road called, Vineyard Way, and my curiosity got the better of me. Just a short distance ahead, I came upon this site.

Cole Brooke Vineyard Lake Lure 1

Setting out on foot, I discovered a small, well cared for vineyard along Bill’s Creek, in a valley adjacent to the Apple Valley Golf Course, just two miles from Lake Lure.

Cole Brooke Vineyard Lake Lure 2
The grapes from these vines had recently been harvested.

Cole Brooke Vineyard Lake Lure 3
Adjacent to the maturing vines were newer trellises with new vines.

Broomsedge Grass Lake Lure
A field of Broomsedge tall prairie grass helps to protect the new vines.

Cole Brooke Vineyard sign Lake Lure
These old signs let me know that the vineyard was called Cole Brooke, and the associated development was called The Vineyards at Lake Lure. Further research told me that the vineyard was made up of eleven acres, and had been planted in 2008 by Cathy and Wes Cleary from Florida. They called it Cole Brooke after their son and daughter. The grapes were described as French varietals, but I found no information about whether any wines had been bottled under that label.

Young's Mountain Lake Lure autumn
The development, along with many others in this area, suffered from the Great Recession of 2008, and although roads and utilities had been installed, nothing has been built as of today. An offering on the web site lists all one to two acre lots for sale at $6,500 each.

Mt. Shumont at sunset
Just northeast of the valley from an elevated road, the mountains west of Lake Lure were almost hidden in a late afternoon haze.

The vineyard is a very beautiful and tranquil place, and perhaps one day its fortunes will change.

One thought on “Finding a Vineyard near Lake Lure

  1. Well another fantastic find! The vineyard is beautiful and obviously someone is tending it. Perhaps they’re selling the grapes to a larger vineyard for the wines produced there. Beautiful pictures!

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