Autumn Colors Sweep across Otter Creek Valley

Otter Creek Valley autumn trees

With the peak of color still a week away, Mother Nature isn’t waiting around to the last minute to show the magic she has in store for this valley along the Eastern Blue Ridge escarpment.

Otter Pond at autumn sunrise
Otter Pond reflects the colors of sunrise.

High Lodges at Otter Creek fall sunset
Sunset over Horsetop Mountain frames a winding Fibber Magee Drive as it descends into the western part of the valley.

Brushy Top Fog in fall
Brushy Top Mountain with a layer of mist at sunrise accentuates the arriving color.

Broomsedge Grass of Fall
Broomsedge Grass always turns a golden orange in early October. It gets to be four feet tall in a final growth spurt in September. It has no commercial value, but helps to hold the clay filled soil in place all year long.

Otter Pond and Brushy Top in fall
Brushy Top dominates the mid-October horizon as Tulip Poplar, Dogwood, and Oak preceeds the most colorful Maples around Otter Pond.

Otter Creek Valley Fall Pumpkins
There’s no mistaking what popular holiday is just around the corner.

Roan Horsetop over Otter Pond in Fall
On a freezing morning, Horsetop Mountain is shrouded in mist as the Sun rises toward Otter Pond.

Beech and Hickory and Pine
Deep in the woods, American Beech and Hickory surround a very old Short Leaf Pine, with touches of Maple flaring up early in the morning.

Otter Pond autumn Mist
Another icy morning causes clouds of fog to rise from the relatively warmer water of Otter Pond.

Brushy Top Panoramic fall
A panoramic of the northern line of mountains with an early morning mist shows the wilderness nature of Otter Creek Valley.

Otter Pond Panoramic in Fall
A similar view of Otter Pond has everything except the Canadian Geese who arrive this time every Fall. Make sure to download both of these wide views so you can enlarge them to get the full effect.

Canadian Geese on Otter Pond
But worry not, they arrived right on time this year, with two more birds than last year.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Colors Sweep across Otter Creek Valley

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! Lucky you to see all of this in person. My favorites are all the ones around Otter Pond and the one of the Short Leaf Pine. So glad you share with us, unable to be there too.

  2. Hi! I finally moved to Lake Lure from Jupiter, FL. I came at the perfect time to watch the leaves change. You posted an abandoned vineyard not to long ago and I have a friend interested in hearing about it. Is it for sale? Do you still have the blog on it that you can send me? Thanks and I have some adjusting to do to the cooler temps!!!

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