Peak Color has Arrived in Otter Creek Valley

With daytime temperatures in the mid 70’s and with the low 50’s at night, Indian Summer has arrived with the peak of color around the house. The walk with Buddy and Hunter at sunrise was so beautiful, I didn’t want to come back home. This should last for a week, with more reds, and brighter yellows with the Hickories. The Maples are always the most vibrant, with vermilion being the best.

Bear Gap Mountain Rays
The first rays hit Bear Gap in a most unusual way.

Dick's Mtn Color
The colors are always the brightest right at sunrise. Shadows are deeper, and the damp leaves seem to glisten in the first sunlight.

Scarlet Oak in Fall
Scarlet Oak

Dick's Mountain in Autumn
Dick’s Mountain

Dick's Mountain Buddy
Buddy’s best side…

Blackberry in Autumn
A lone Blackberry blossom in Autumn…

Canada Geese in Otter Pond
The Canada Geese on Otter Pond at sunrise…

Otter Creek Valley Fall
Hunter and Buddy in doggie Heaven…

Horsetop Mountain at SUnrise
Horsetop Mountain and the Maples…

Brusy Top Log Home
The Brushy Top Log Home, still unoccupied…

Brushy Top Mountain at sunrise...
Brushy Top at sunrise…

Wolf Pen and Bear Gap
Wolfpen and Bear Gap Mountains on the northeast rim of the valley.

Hemlock House sunrise
Back at home, the Sun still hadn’t found the house.

4 thoughts on “Peak Color has Arrived in Otter Creek Valley

  1. How beautiful………….your house looks great with that Fall background…….thanks for sharing! Patsy


  2. Just squeezes your heart, it is all so beautiful. Fall is my favorite time of the year – now that I don’t have to go to school anymore!! Thanks Vann!

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