Peak of Color along the Eastern Blue Ridge

At elevations under 3,000 feet along the Eastern Blue Ridge Escarpment, autumn colors peak the first week of November. This year, the show was a few days late, but when it arrived, it was more spectacular than any of the displays in the past six years. The slopes of Wolf Pen, Bear Gap, Roan Horsetop, and Brushy Top Mountains were aflame with vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges, mixed with the deep greens of the Loblolly and White Pines in the valley. All of these images were made just up the road from the house.

Horsetop Mountain

Brushy Top Fire

Youngs Mountain

Bear Gap

Red Flame Maple

South Panoramic
Make sure you download this file and blow it up on your own screen so you can get the full effect of the panoramic sweep of the entire valley.

Roan Horsetop Mountain

Fibber Magee Buddy

Below is a short video of Buddy and Hunter romping around Fibber Magee Drive yesterday.

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