Fall Colors Hang On Along the Blue Ridge Escarpment

Horsetop Mountain Vista
Roan Horsetop Mountain on the southwestern rim of Otter Creek Valley seems to have missed the memo about turning brown already, and moves into the middle of November still clinging to her yellows and reds.

Otter Creek Valley Shines
Bear Gap on the northwest rim of the valley seems brighter this week than last week when the colors were at their peak. I’ve been all over the Blue Ridge for many autumns, and I’ve yet to find the intensity of color that I find in this obscure valley six miles north of Lake Lure.

Blue Ridge Parkway Clone
The steepness of the slopes combined with very young trees after a fire ten years ago make the vista three dimentional, especially when the deep green of the Loblolly Pines is mixed in.

Brushy Top Mountain Shadows
When afternoon clouds cast broad shadows across the patchwork face of Brushy Top Mountain, the colors seem to intensify even more.

Yesterday I climbed a third of the way up the face of Brushy Top with my two canine friends, and we made our way through a thick woods as we ascended to the site of the first home being built on the mountain. The following six minute video will show the colors still hanging tough. If you’re viewing this on your e-mail, remember to click on the headline above to get access to the video. I think the James Taylor music is very appropriate.

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