Snow Capped Black Mountains

After three days of snow above 4,000 feet along the impressive Black Mountain range, the view from the Rutherford Foothills is breathtaking.

Black Mountains in Snow
Download this photo so you can enlarge it, and appreciate the majesty of this panorama. From this vantage point, the range is about twenty five miles to the northwest. Most of the peaks are over 6,500 feet high, making this the tallest range east of the Rocky Mountains.

Tryon Mountain from Foothllsi
Tryon Mountain is the first major peak as you enter North Carolina from the Spartanburg area. This is an unusual view of the entire mountain from the Rutherford Foothills to the northeast. During the summer, when the air is heavy and the humidity is high, and when leaves cover the trees, this view is almost totally obscured.

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