Frozen Ponds of Otter Creek Valley

Otter Pond Under Ice
After record breaking cold of minus 1 degree, the ponds in Otter Creek Valley have all frozen over. Above is Otter Pond. A light snow fell overnight, dusting the ice with corn snow.

Otter Pond in Ice with dogs
Hunter and Buddy are not phased by the bitter cold. Otter Pond is in the background.

High Lodges Pond in Ice
High Lodges Pond further up the valley has ice almost a inch thick. The light snow was even more pronounced here.

High Lodges Pond Ice Glove
The shadow around my glove gives a hint of what lies under the ice…

High Lodges Pond Frozen Over
Because there are no natural lakes or ponds in the North Carolina Mountains, all of these bodies of water are manmade.

High Lodges Stream in Ice
This frozen stream feeding High Lodges Pond creates a small pool where it enters a culvert leading under the area’s only paved road.

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