More Shelby, N.C. Mansions

Two more remarkable houses were both constructed in Shelby, North Carolina, in the same year, 1875. Because Cleveland County, where Shelby is the county seat, was the cotton capital of the Carolinas, the barons that owned the largest mills built the most elaborate homes.

Banker's House 1875 Shelby, N.C.
This Second Empire style home was built by the owner of the largest bank in Shelby, and was successively owned by the city’s wealthiest bankers. It became know as The Banker’s House, and is still a private home to this day. Years ago, the property was given to Preservation North Carolina, who continues to manage the property today. Occasionally, the house is opened for tours. It is made from yellow stuccoed brick, and features hand painted roof tiles.

James Heyward Hull House 1874
This impressive frivolity was constructed in 1875 as a traditional Georgian house, but when new owners bought the house in 1907, they added the monumental portico in the neoclassical style, with ornate Corinthian columns. Today the house is known as the James Heyward Hull House, and is suffering from neglect. Even with flaking paint and rotting ornamentation, the house still stops passersby in their tracks.

8 thoughts on “More Shelby, N.C. Mansions

    • Mary, the James Heyward Hull house is lived in. At one time it appeared to be used as an apartment house, however the GIS states it is a “one family home”, privately owned. It’s very large. with 5,212.97 square feet in the main finished area. The ground floor is 2900 square feet ; the second floor is 2311.97 square feet; has an unfinished basement that’s 1360.5 square feet; and it sits on about 1.4 acres. This photo makes it look in much better condition than it really is.

      • Thank you Judith for that information. Is this house on the National Register? It obviously needs alot of TLC if it will be preserved. In situations like this, I worry about fire destroying such a treasure. Is there anything we should be doing to make sure this house has a bright future?

  1. Carolina Vann – I don’t remember seeing one of the little plaques normally placed on the NR homes, I’ll look next time I’m walking by. However, I don’t think it is as it’s not on the list at . While driving by recently I noticed the bank of mailboxes still on the front porch. Looking at the photo you can see 2 of them behind the 2nd column from the left, so it appears to still be apartments. This being a privately owned home, I don’t know that the public can do anything. You might want to contact Mr. Ted Alexander, the Regional Director of Preservation North Carolina – 704-482-3531, – Preservation NC works with the Historic Shelby organization. Ted used to be the mayor of Shelby & I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer questions.

    • The James Heyward Hull house was owned by my great-grandfather James Heyward Hull and was where my grandfather Jim Hull (Jr.) grew up. The house was later deeded to my grandfather’s sister Mary Hull Daniel. Mary’s son, T.G. Daniel, currently owns the home.

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