Lake Lure at Sunset in Mist and Clouds

Lake Lure is called the world’s most beautiful manmade lake, and it sure lived up to its reputation yesterday at sunset. With no wind, the water was like a mirror, and a mist clung to the surface like the vapor of dry ice. Recent rain left behind low clouds that hugged the mountains. Over the past week, the dam has been almost closed so that the lake can refill after being lowered last November by almost six feet to allow for dock and seawall repairs, and dredging of mud and silt at the Rumbling Bald Resort on the far north end. Within a week, the rowing crews from many northeastern colleges will arrive for their spring training.

Lake Lure Mist

Rumbling Bald Mountain Fog

Lake Lure Boat Houses

6 thoughts on “Lake Lure at Sunset in Mist and Clouds

  1. Vann, How for you do that?? Pristine and clear, reflecting the beauty; Can’t wait to get there. Thank-you, Mike & Marylou Keleher

  2. It changes every day. It definately is the most beautiful lake in the world and I have seen some of the lakes in Switzerland. I feel so honored to have had the privilege to live here in season for 33 years.

  3. We are so grateful to live in such a place as you picture here. You capture the beauty and peace of the lake. Beautiful shots of our home town.

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