Cumberland Island National Seashore

Here are my impressions of this beautiful, deserted stretch of coastline just north of the Georgia-Florida border. Much of the island is designated as “Wilderness Area” by the Parks Service. The serenity of the place was the best part of being there. There is no development on the island. Wild horses roam free. A ferry takes a very limited number of visitors from the mainland. You must go…

Cumberland Island Live Oak Sunrise
Live Oak trail leading to the beach at sunrise…

Cumberland Island Sunrise Foam

Cumberland Island Dunes at Sunrise

Cumberland Island Dune Grass

Cumberland Island Driftwood

Cumberland Island Beach Horizon

Cumberland Island Beach Family

Cumberland Island Beach Horses

Cumberland Island Dunes at Sunset

Check out this 5 minute video of a high speed ride along the beach…

3 thoughts on “Cumberland Island National Seashore

  1. We love your postings of both the Western Carolina/Lake Lure area where we live and now these of Cumberland Island. Ironically, we just bought a second home in St. Mary’s, GA and are thrilled with the proximity to this beautiful and rare treasure. We plan to visit the island often. We have shared your writings and pictures with many friends both in Lake Lure and GA/FL. They are always pleased and appreciative. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. I echo the words of Carl and Saundra Nelson. I enjoy your posts, particularly appreciating the research you do to put names to geographical features and share so much useful information about each place. Cumberland Island is definitely on our bucket list now, for sure.

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