Flowering Trees before the Deep Freeze

One year ago today, we were facing a hard freeze after a 25 degree night that left a heavy frost on everything. This year, the unseasonably warm weather has brought an early Spring, and the colors have not been nearly as dramatic. What a difference a year makes.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

It was 25 degrees this morning and has been below freezing for over nine hours, with more to go. Tonight will be the same. After two inches of needed rain Monday night and Tuesday morning, cloudy skies gave way to clear blue in the afternoon, with stiff winds over 25 mph. Snow fell in northern Alabama. Right now, the rainwater has frozen and risen from the dirt, and large puddles have a sheet of ice as in dead winter.

With the white and pink Dogwood finally in full bloom, and the Kwansan Cherry heavy with giant pink flowers, I felt it best to capture their dramatic color while I still could. I can only imagine what might be happening to the apple blossoms around Hendersonville. These late deep freezes can ruin the season for these growers. Also, with most other trees pushing out new tender leaves, even their…

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