Springtime North of Lake Lure

With a low of 38 on May 1, spring is still spreading across these mountains in a most beautiful way. Click on any image for the full screen view. If you’re viewing this in your e-mail, click on the headline above to have the best experience and see the video at the end.

Lake Lure Mountains
Lake Lure is always photogenic.

Pink Dogwood Lane

Youngs Mountain Pony

River Birch Meadow
River Birch Meadow

Forest Dogwood

Trillium and May Apple
Trillium and May Apple

Otter Creek Valley Green
Otter Creek Valley greens up.

Wild Azalea
Wild Azalea in the woods.

Dogwood Mountains

Wolf Pen Mountain in Spring
Wolf Pen Mountain at sunset.

Otter Pond Sunrise Mist
Sunrise mist on Otter Pond.

Dwarf Rhododendron at Otter Creek
Dwarf Rhododendron along Otter Creek.

Brushy Top Mountain Overlook
Brushy Top Mountain Overlook.

Brushy Top Mountain at Sunrise1
Brushy Top Mountain at sunrise…

Roan Horsetop Mountain in early morning
Roan Horsetop Mountain in early morning…

Blue Bird Feeding Young
This Bluebird dad feeds the chicks. The two minute video below lets you see both parents working to keep the kids growing.

4 thoughts on “Springtime North of Lake Lure

  1. Vann,
    You are a blessed man to see all of this firsthand! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  2. lovely pictures, just get amazed at the variety of flowers everywhere, beautiful. No matter how many times, you visit Otter Pond, I enjoy seeing how lovely an area it is. Jealous!

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