Mountain Laurel Time

As the Mountain Laurel blooms again, I thought it might be a good time to re-post this piece from three years ago. The Laurel seems to be a week late this year. The gate at Queen’s Gap is still boarded up, and the elements are taking their toll on the wooden structure. Such a shame.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

As mid-May approaches, the Mountain Laurel begins to bloom. I found these new blossoms near the entrance gatehouse to Queen’s Gap, an abandoned golf developement about five miles east of my house.

Until you see these small flowers up close, you can’t appreciate their complexity.

The gatehouse has an almost Oriental design, and could make a rather stylish cottage for some enterprising buyer.

Petunias grow wild around the property, leftovers from long neglected landscaping.

The Mountain Laurel blankets the surrounding woods.

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2 thoughts on “Mountain Laurel Time

  1. Hi Vann.  I got your note about Facebook and pictures.  I have a FB account but I never put anything up.  My pictures from the weekend were on my iPhone and not my camera and I am still working on how to get them into my computer

  2. We’re sorry too, but understand completely. We can’t bear to leave Marley for more than a few hours and only when we have to. I just got up from a 2 hour nap. Felt pretty good this morning after such a wonderful time with you last evening. I did some ironing and was working on swapping my winter and summer clothes upstairs/downstairs, etc. and all of a sudden, all the wind went out of my sails. Not sure we’ll make a day trip out of it tomorrow either. Thank you both again for a wonderfully delicious meal and the good company. We enjoy Kathleen and Larry. They are unlike anyone else we know in these parts. Genuine, real people without an agenda. We can understand how you have become such close friends. I hope to see you at church and I’m going to conserve some energy for our Strawberry Hill Trip on Tuesday.

    Sent from my iPad Saundra Nelson Become a Friend of the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge. phone 828-625-1065 cell 828-289-2214


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