Coyote Pups in Otter Creek Valley

High Lodges at Otter Creek Road

Seeing a coyote at anytime is a rare occurrence. I’ve lived here for six years, and I’ve seen four coyotes out of the corner of my eye as they crossed a road. Seeing baby coyotes must be even more rare, but a few days ago that all changed. I was cruising slowly along my road higher up the mountain, when I saw these little guys at a curve up ahead. I sat silently for awhile, and they came closer, romping and playing along the road. This is a private road with a cul de sac and only one house, so traffic is not a problem here. This is what I saw.

Coyote Pup on Fibber Magee Drive

Coyote Pup on Fibber Magee Drive

Coyote Puppies

Coyote Puppies

Always Curious

Always Curious

"I Hate Fleas"

“I Hate Fleas”

Is this a good pose?

Is this a good pose?

After seeing the puppies, I captured this sunset view of Roan Horsetop Mountain along the western rim of the valley.
Roan Horsetop Mountain at sunset

I made this very short video of the coyote pups. I had never seen a coyote pup before this.

3 thoughts on “Coyote Pups in Otter Creek Valley

  1. Wolf, this is the other one,you might want to look at his blog for other photos. Is there anything we can do for you while you are gone. Jim

    Jim Sherfey 3301 Bayshore Blv Unit 1609 Tampa Fl 33629 813 767 6616


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