Autumn Arrives Late along the Black Mountains

In past years, October 11th would have been the peak of color along the high ridges facing the iconic Black Mountain range, home to Mt. Mitchell, the tallest peak of all. Not this year. Although the colors have begun to roll down from the higher slopes, they are still five to seven days away from their maximum.

Black Mountains in autumn
With a ridge line above 6,000 feet, the Black Mountains are still the most impressive east of the Rockies.

Blue Ridge Parkway Rocky Cliffs
Above the Blue Ridge Parkway, a few trees are at their peak, but below 4,500 feet, everything is late this year.

Black Mountain Yellows
The woods are showing much yellow, but the dramatic reds and vermillions are only occasionally seen.

Blue Ridge Parkway in Green and Yellow
Green is still a dominate color on the steep slopes.

Blue Ridge Parkway cloud
Puffy clouds of fair weather float just above the treetops, casting dark shadows over the forests below.

Wait a few more days before you visit this portion of the Parkway. Next weekend should be really beautiful, with pockets of bright color lasting through October 25th. After a dry summer, the colors should be brighter and deeper than ever, once they actually arrive.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Arrives Late along the Black Mountains

  1. Just beautiful…….love the leave change.  It was cooler here today……65 this am…….and will continue that way for a few days.  and it is only 82 right now.  Thanks for the photos and keep them coming. Patsy

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