Autumn Excursion Train Over the Blue Ridge

Saturday morning I boarded the special train assembled by the North Carolina Transportation Museum for the trip to Asheville and back to Spencer, just east of Salisbury, N.C. Over a thousand people were on the train, which was made up of twenty-seven cars, including many vintage coaches. It was an all day affair, with a three hour stopover at Biltmore Village for lunch and shopping. The colors were some of the best I’ve seen in years, and if the ooing and awwing from other passengers was any indication, everyone felt the same way. Here are a few screen captures from a video I produced of the trip. The YOU TUBE link below will take you there. I recommend this trip for anyone who appreciates the wonder of nature, especially in the Fall.

Geyser 1
Andrew’s Geyser at Round Knob

Loops 1

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