Linville Falls Community and Winery

Just west of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Linville Falls entrance is a mountain top development called Blackpoint at Linville Falls. It sits atop grass covered hills in a sparsely settled area known mostly for growing Christmas trees.

Green Field

Green Hillside

A few very nice homes have been built below the crests of the hills.

Two Homes

One Home

To the north is a the new Linville Falls Winery and Christmas tree farm.


Check out this short video about this award winning mountain vineyard. 

To the south is the impressive Black Mountain range and Mt. Mitchell.

Mitchell SUnset

This ancient Oak clings to the rocky hillside at sunset.

Old Tree

In the Autumn, the entrance is ablaze with color.

Linville Reflections

In the winter the entrance is like a Christmas card.

Linville Reflections 2

The best part of all is that just twenty minutes to the east is breathtaking Linville Falls and Linville Gorge, the Grand Canyon of the East. If this isn’t Paradise, I don’t know what is.

Linville Gorge South


4 thoughts on “Linville Falls Community and Winery

  1. Beautiful, so picturesque!  Some of photos look like paintings……love these photos.  Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you!Patsy

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