Uptown Charlotte in December

A walk through Uptown Charlotte to attend an NFL game can be a real treat early on a Sunday morning.

The skyline shimmers above a park waterfall…


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Bank of America Tower by Ceasar Pelli


The city’s namesake, Queen Charlotte, keeps watch over her Dominion…

Ols and New

One of only two surviving early 20th century skyscrapers.

Uncle Buck

The last of the 19th century dowagers hangs on facing an uncertain future.

3 thoughts on “Uptown Charlotte in December

  1. Haven’t been to Charlotte in so many years. The “dowager” is about the only sight I think we saw. But currently, the brightest part of Charlotte is the Panther’s NFL team!

  2. Vann,

    Your photography is beautiful! I didn’t get to the mountains this fall but I feel like I did through your photography. Thank you for sending them.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Cheryl Raiford

  3. Just beautiful…..the first one looks like a painting.Thanks for sharing……my oldest son lives in Columbia and goes to Charlotte quite often. Patsy

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