Upper Whitewater Falls

Falls Railing

After recent heavy rains along the southern Blue Ridge escarpment, I knew that the waterfalls would be VERY active, so I went to the Upper Falls along the Whitewater River just north of the North/South Carolina state line in Transylvania County. I wasn’t disappointed.

Top Falls

Click on any image to see a full screen version.

Middle Falls

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The pooch seems unaffected by the awesome display behind him.

Looking to the south, Lake Keowee is nestled between distant ridges,   and Clemson University lies just over the horizon.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Lake Keowee

Best Falls

Together with the lower falls, just downriver from the falls shown above, these are the highest falls east of the Rocky Mountains at 800 feet. To get the full power of the falling water, watch this short video. Remember, if you are viewing this as part of your e-mail, click on the headline above to go directly to the blog site, and you’ll be able to watch the video.

2 thoughts on “Upper Whitewater Falls

  1. Wow, that is a lot of water………….expecting rain and colder weather here.Photos are beautiful……thanks for sharing.Patsy

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