First Snowfall of the Season

With the first flakes forecasted to fly yesterday morning, I awoke with much anticipation, only to find a cold rain and 35 degrees. From past experience, I knew that chances were good that the snow line was very close, so I headed west up Cedar Creek Road, and sure ‘nuf, I hit the first flurries just 15 minutes from the house. 


Up ahead I could see the snow line on the mountain, and as I climbed about 300 feet in elevation, the rain turned to all snow. The temperature dropped to 32 degrees, and I was the only car on the road just after daybreak.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Bat Cave-Old Fort Road above 1,600 feet.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Cabin on Stone Mountain School Road

KODAK Digital Still Camera

My first name happens to be Roy…

caddyFlakes were quite large at this point. Amazing what an inch of new snow can do…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Nearing the Gap between Stone and Round Mountains

GraveyardPassing over the Gap at 2,300 feet, I found this old graveyard on the Stone Mountain side. The snow was no longer falling, and within ten minutes, the sun appeared as I made the return trip down the mountain.

HorsetopBack in Otter Creek Valley twenty minutes later, 2,500′ Roan Horsetop Mountain showed only patches of snow at its summit. I was so glad that I chased this first snow. Below is the short video I made of the experience. For those of you who have chosen to FOLLOW my blog, and are seeing this in your e-mail, click on the headline above to go directly to the full blog to see the video.


4 thoughts on “First Snowfall of the Season

  1. Wonder if the old cemetery is on Find A Grave ? —-THat photo would be a good post the memoral of who ever is buried there.

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