Heavy Blue Ridge Snows of January 22nd

A foot of snow fell last Friday here in Otter Creek Valley. That’s the heaviest snowfall since I moved to this valley almost seven years ago. The following images and videos capture the essence of the event. It was beautiful from the time I awoke Friday morning, to yesterday morning before the warmer weather moved in, five days of snow Heaven.

This 11 second video was made at dawn Friday when I first realized what had happened during the night.

This one minute video was made when I first ventured outside, and my canine friends arrived from their home nearby.

Dark House

First Light


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Second Morning

This video was made Saturday morning. Light snow was still falling.

TwilightTwilight Saturday evening…

Pond ReedsThe Sun appeared on Sunday morning. Otter Pond was completely frozen over…

Icicle BlueSome icicles were three feet long…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The view from a small window toward Bear Gap Mountain

Johns ChairMy favorite spot to watch sunsets from the woods behind the house…

Creek Bend

Otter Creek at sunrise on Wednesday morning…

Otter Creek Road

Otter Creek Road five days after the storm…



2 thoughts on “Heavy Blue Ridge Snows of January 22nd

  1. The pic of your home in purple and orange looks like a place everyone would want to live.

    I love it.

    Thanks for all the post.

    Cousin Don

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