Early Spring in Otter Creek Valley

After four days of temps in the 70’s, the valley is being fooled into thinking Spring has arrived. Frogs are singing around the ponds, and birds are chirping at sunrise. Trees are budding out, and grasses are sprouting. Even the sky looks like Spring. But don’t be deceived. It’s only March 11th, and many more hard freezes lie ahead.

Pond NorthSunrise over High Lodges Pond

Rick Pond 1The pond reflects a ridge line of Loblolly Pines.

Pond 3_tonemappedBrushy Top Mountain catches the morning sun…

Toms MtnTom’s Mountain to the east…

Ricks View 2Roan Horsetop Mountain to the west under a cloud…

Ricks View 3Young’s Mountain toward Lake Lure to the south…

Brushy TopBrushy Top over Fibber Magee Drive…

HorsetopHorsetop Mountain forms the western wall of Otter Creek Valley. This area is the northernmost major stand of Loblolly Pine outside the Piedmont Plateau.

Ricks View 1Long shadows lead toward Wolf Pen Mountain to the northwest, and more Loblolly Pines. An approaching storm will arrive soon, the first rain in over two weeks.

fallsOtter Creek Falls down the mountain…


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