Mid-March on the Biltmore Estate

The panoramic image at the top of this blog was made from the Library Terrace of Biltmore House, showing Mount Pisgah to the southwest, and the wall of mountains that stretches all the way to The Great Smokies and to Tennessee beyond. The transition from winter to spring can be subtle at Biltmore, but the low humidity and the higher Sun angle of mid-March brings the Blue Ridge Mountains that much closer.


Frederick Law Olmstead, who had already become America’s most celebrated landscape architect when he was asked by George Vanderbilt to  create  the gardens and countryside for Biltmore, supervised the planting of thousands of trees and shrubs that has taken over 100 years to mature into the remarkable place that it is today.

shelly back

Every angle was planned for dramatic effect, and ponds, lakes, and lagoons were excavated to take advantage of those vistas.

goose 2

Even the birds and wildlife were brought in to provide theatricality and atmosphere.


Of course, the Chateau is the main attraction, but without the nature that surrounds it, it never would have become the iconic Estate that it is today.


As the first blooms of spring unfold from their winter’s slumber, the true magic of Biltmore is awakened.


The famous Gargoyles, along with Joan of Arc and St. Louis the Ninth couldn’t be more pleased. Both sculptures were carved by the Viennese master, Theodore Francis Bitter, especially for Biltmore.


4 thoughts on “Mid-March on the Biltmore Estate

  1. Olmstead was Genius when it came to Landscaping Biltmore Estates . Later creators / Developers of Golf Courses studied Olmstead I learned
    You photos capture Olmsteads creation.

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