Hickory Nut Mountain and Sugar Hill

About ten miles northeast of Lake Lure is an area known as Sugar Hill. The only business located there is a new Dollar General,  and most of the inhabitants are ranchers and farmers. An old two lane called Mud Cut Road connects US 221 to the east with Sugar Hill Road on the west. Sugar Hill Road connects Lake Lure with Interstate 40 to the north.

In spring, the woods are filled with Bradford Pear, Apple, Redbud, and a hosts of other flowering trees. About five miles to the west is 3,100 foot Hickory Nut Mountain, a two mile long ridge that is part of the Eastern Blue Ridge Escarpment.

Hckory 1

Hickory 4

To the east,where Mud Cut meets US 221, a line of mountains to the south creates a long valley with many farms with cattle and horses.

Mikes Mountain

South of Mud Cut is Woody’s Pond, where locals fish for Catfish. It is surrounded by Bradford Pear, that  are in full bloom this week.

Woodys Pond

Woodys Pears


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