Cedar Creek Gorge in Spring

Cedar Creek begins in eastern Buncombe County, but as it crosses the Rutherford County line, it creates a deep gorge, and plunges over 300 feet in less than a mile. With Spring in full swing, I went up to the gorge yesterday at sunset. Recent rains had swollen the creek, and the cascades were very active. I took my journal, and sat next to the falls,  catching up. The green is beginning to appear in the woods. At the bottom of the gorge is this farm along the creek.

White House

Cedar Creek Road follows the creek up the gorge…roas

Looking back down into the gorge from the county line…Gorge 1

Vann 1The footing was quite good because the rocks were dry and had few leaves…

Falls 5

Falls 1

Falls 2

Falls 4

Vann 2There’s a twenty foot drop over the ledge into the grotto to the rocks below…Falls 3

3 thoughts on “Cedar Creek Gorge in Spring

  1. Would have enjoyed the pictures more if it were not in the place where I fell on my ass. Oh well. It didn’t seriously injure me, although in my mind I was tumbling down those beautiful rocks into the abyss below.

    Enjoy The Masters today. Speith certainly did.

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