Queen’s Gap 2016

Two years ago I photographed the abandoned Social Center at the failed development called Queen’s Gap in northern Rutherford County, and was shocked at the way it was being treated. This American Craftsman treasure was being vandalized for it’s fixtures, and the weather and weeds were having their way with the shingled exterior.


When I returned there today, I was so pleased to find a renovated building with new landscaping and new light fixtures, and a new lease on life.Gap 8The structure is still empty, but it is being actively marketed by Calder Realty and Land Company. As I had hoped, some very lucky research group, educational institution, Wellness Retreat, or religious organization will be the new tenants. 

Gap 7The fence has been repaired and stained, and the grass is being cut.

Gap 1In the distance is the Craftsman Gatehouse, which has also been refurbished.Gatehouse

Two years ago, this is how it looked…gate-1

The following one minute video will give you a more three dimensional view of the center.

If you’re a company seeking the perfect “Think Tank” retreat for your employees, or just an investor who wants to acquire these wonderful examples of Arts and Crafts design at a bargain price, you should call the realty company as soon as possible.





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