Kwansan Cherry near Lake Lure


Of all the flowering trees, none is as romantic as the ornamental cherry, “Kwanzan,” (Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’). Like many cherries, it has a lovely, graceful vase-shape form, attractive bark and good fall color, but is best known for its stunning display of showy, double pink flowers that envelop the tree in late Spring, covering the tree in what look like tiny floral dresses. After flowering, there is another spectacular show as millions of petals shower down from the trees in a pink, whisper-soft snowfall.

Yesterday I went to Apple Valley Golf Club just northeast of Lake Lure, where one can find the largest collection of these trees anywhere in the area, and they were in full bloom.

Golf 8

Kwansan Cherry Orchard

These  breathtaking trees are native to Japan, China, and Korea, and are named for a mountain in Japan. They produce no fruit, but their annual pink explosion is the most dramatic of any tree in these mountains.

Shumont 1

Kwansan Cherry Panorama

Kwansan Cherry Explosion

Kwansan Cherry Orchard 1

Kwansan Cherry Golf


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