Azaleas and Orchids at Biltmore Gardens

With the beginning of May comes the most colorful time for the gardens at The Biltmore Estate. Azaleas are popping out everywhere, and the orchids inside the Conservatory are more varied that ever. Steady rains had fallen just prior to my visit today, and the variations of green can take your breath away.

While touring the Conservatory, I enjoyed the classical guitar performance of Shane Parish. Click below to hear Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega. He played as well as I’ve ever heard., especially this piece.

Frederick Law Olmsted’s approach road displays unusual spring reds…Roadway


This image is completely uncropped and untouched by processing… The azaleas are really this color.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Fire Azalea

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Azalea Hillside



This very unusual flower is from the Lily/Amarylis family…

KODAK Digital Still Camera


I was fortunate to happen upon a classical guitarist in one of the Greenhouses, and I sat to enjoy his entire session. Shane Parish delivered a performance of Francisco Torrega’s Recuerdos de la Alhambra that rivaled Carlos Montoya and John Williams. What a rare treat, and much of the time he played just for me. At times, I was the only other person in the Greenhouse.

This two minute video will provide a more three dimensional tour of the gardens.



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