Montford Cove Valley

Nestled along the McDowell-Rutherford County line is the farming and cattle community known as Montford Cove. Corn and Black Angus are the main reasons this area prospers, along with high nutrient Hay fields. 

I went to a spot overlooking the valley this morning to experience the sunrise. It was a cool 46 degrees with no breeze. With the passage of a cold front, the humidity was very low, making for unlimited visibility. With summer right around the corner, these dry conditions won’t last. My house is about two miles south of this spot. Charlotte is 100 miles to the east, and Asheville is 30 miles to the west. Lake Lure is seven miles further south. Hickory Nut Mountain at 3,100 feet, dominates the west boundary of the valley. 

Valley FieldTryon Mountain along the South Carolina border is the last mountain before Panama in Central America.

Kings MtnTom’s Mountain is toward the southeast and Charlotte beyond.

Oak MtnOak Mountain to the south overlooks my home, which is just on the other side.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Tryon and Oak Mountains

PanoramicA panoramic view of the valley. Save this image so you can enlarge it later for full effect.

Toms MtnGlaxhorn Mountain to the southeast…

Sunny ValleyBear Gap to the west catches the first rays…

Tryon MtnAfter sunrise, Tryon Mountain, and Bill’s Mountain, east of Lake Lure, in the foreground…

Valley FarmCow pastures are scattered throughout the valley.

Pinnacle MtnTo the northeast is 2,500 foot Rich Mountain, with Pinnacle Peak to the right…

Pink LaurelMountain Laurel has bloomed this week along the mountain slopes.

cabinIn the valley, a 19th century farmhouse looks toward Hickory Nut Mountain to the west.

2 thoughts on “Montford Cove Valley

  1. Not sure how you are travelling to Panama’s Mtns. but Cuba, Haiti & Dominican Republic and a number of Central American countries have some pretty impressive mountains before you get to Panama.

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