First Biltmore Interior Photos

Biltmore House has been open for public tours since 1931, and all of that time, photography inside the chateau has been strictly forbidden. Up until the past ten years, a flash was required in the dimly lit interior, and flashes were damaging to the priceless art and textiles, and annoying to the other guests.

 With the coming of digital cameras and smart phones with their sensitive electronic components, the need for a flash has all but disappeared. The Cecil family who owns Biltmore has recently instituted a major change in that policy. Guests can now take interior photos, but they must still refrain from using a flash.

 I visited Biltmore yesterday to see their current exhibition of 18th and 19th century style wedding gowns that were used in cinema over the past three decades. The entire house was festooned in fresh flowers from Biltmore’s extensive gardens, and other wedding decorations to complement the over 30 gowns displayed in many areas.

 Here are my very first photos made inside the mansion.

Winter GardenMusicians played classical music in the Winter Garden.

Dining HallIn the Great Dining Hall, roses were suspended from giant chandeliers by blue ribbons… 

Ediths Bed In Mrs. George Vanderbilt’s bed chamber, a flowing train dominated the center of the room.

RosesWith all the roses inside the house, you would think that the rose garden would be bare. Think again….

3 thoughts on “First Biltmore Interior Photos

  1. It is really beautiful……would love to visit some day.  Pictures are great……..deco fantastic. Thanks for sharingPatsy

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