The Greening of Fibber Magee Drive

Posted this three years ago today. Worth repeating. Only a few inches of rain this year.

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

Otter Creek Roadway
Last August just after sunrise, I made this photo of Fibber Magee Drive looking downhill just short of my driveway. Because realtors were trying to sell land higher up the mountain, the road had been graded and the fence had been cleaned to impress potential buyers. Now, with all the lots sold, the road is returning to its pre-developer state. Returning yesterday after being away for two weeks, I was amazed how much the trees and weeds had grown in such a short time, below. I’m sure that the eight inches of rain that have fallen during that time had something to do with it.

Overgrown Road
This morning I cut limbs all along the right side of the road and cut weeds from against the fence at the bottow of the hill, below, in an attempt to regain the right of way from nature.

Trimmed Fibber Magee
At the bottom of the hill, below…

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