Joe Pye Weed Reaches for the Sky

The tallest wildflower in these mountains can reach twelve feet in height, and in August it blooms with tiny pink flowers, attracting every Butterfly within a quarter mile. My meadow is full of them because I keep it natural, and they make a dramatic statement as summer wanes. The unusual name is believed to be from a Native American named Joe Pye, who first used the plant as a medicine in New England. It is threatened in the wild, but you wouldn’t know that when you look around my meadow.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Joe Pye Weed among the Hemlocks

eupatorium purpureaum


This Anise Tiger Swallowtail butterfly can’t seem to get enough.


2 thoughts on “Joe Pye Weed Reaches for the Sky

  1. Never heard of Joe Pye Weed, however it is beautiful………and the photo with the butterfly is awesome!Thanks for sharingPatsy


  2. “Root Doctor / Medicine Man 101 /// Colonials and Native Americans used this weed to fight Fevers such as Typhus –carried and spread by Lice and fleas .

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