Harvest Moon Over Long Mountain

Finding a spot with an unobstructed eastern view a mile north of the house had me waiting for moonrise. Long Mountain dominates the horizon, and just after sunset, this was the view of Pinnacle Peak on the northern end of the mountain.


The last light turned Long Mountain into a blue cloud…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Twin Peaks of Long Mountain in Montford Cove

…and within twenty minutes, it appeared…………moon-3

…then the clouds moved in, and the sky looked more like sunrise than moonrise.best-view-2

…but the Harvest Moon had one last appearance to make.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

September 16, 2016

19th century oil by Thomas Worthington Whittredge        “Hunters on a Lake”thomas-worthington-whittredge-hunters-on-a-lake-120226-65958

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