Fall Along the Rutherford-McDowell County Line

Less than a mile north of the house, the county line cuts a swath through the Blue Ridge escarpment. These mountains are mostly free from the development of nearby Lake Lure and Chimney Rock. The roads are old and lightly traveled. The ridgeline hovers from 2,500 feet to over 3,000 feet. Black Angus farms and corn fields dot the valley.  An approaching cold front filled the sky with occasional clouds, but blue sky was more the norm.

shumontMountains around Lake Lure dominate the southwest horizon. Mt. Shumont at 4,100 feet is the tallest. Hemphill Road, named for original settlers, winds it’s way through the area.

long-mountain-2To the east, the twin peaks of Pinnacle Mountain reach for the low clouds.pinnacle-peak-1

To the northwest, Hickorynut Mountain stretches for three miles above the valley…hickorynut-5


hickorynut-3Tight Run Loop heads down the valley toward Cove Creek.

tall-pinesVery tall Virginia Pines above Ham Creek…

Returning home, Wolf Pen and Bear Gap Mountains are witnesses to the changing colors toward the northwest from my deck.fall-deckThe peak of color is still ten days away in Otter Creek Valley.

Very tall Virginia Pines above Ham Creek

Back at home, Wolf Pen and Bear Gap Mountains a



One thought on “Fall Along the Rutherford-McDowell County Line

  1. Remember visiting Phil and Dee at Rutherfordton and how beautiful the nature was on display. Know they enjoyed very much living there…guess that’s why they spent the money on their mountain home.

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