The Perfect Autumn Sunrise

Sometimes conditions just come together to produce something special. This morning was right at 32 degrees with a light frost on the fields. We went to the top of the ridge above the house, and were treated with this incredible display of nature.

broomsageBroomsage Grass covers most of the meadow…

KODAK Digital Still CameraContrails from Charlotte reminded of the cold air, and the frost was crunchy under my feet.

brushy-topTurning due north, Brushy Top Mountain really showed her colors with the rising sun…

pinnacleTo the northeast over the rising mist of Otter Pond, Pinnacle Mountain was breathtaking…

wolfpenWalking north along Carolina Peaks Parkway, the western view toward  Wolfpen Mountain captured the essence of this perfect sunrise. 


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Autumn Sunrise

  1. Beautiful………and I was cold at 59 degrees……frost I can’t imagine.  Haven’t had any here for a couple of years.  Pictures are great! Thanks for sharing,Patsy

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