Rumbling Bald Mountain Fire

Saturday evening, a wildfire broke out along the high rocky slopes of Rumbling Bald Mountain facing Lake Lure. Although no homes were threatened at the time, an all out battle to contain and extinguish the blaze was mounted, and helicopters ferried large containers of water from Lake Lure 2,000 feet below to dampen the inaccessible area. Backfires were started to keep the flames from moving down the mountain. By Tuesday morning, a temperature inversion, combined with no wind, held the smoke over the area in a twenty mile circle, causing stinging eyes and respiration problems. These images from Tuesday afternoon will give you a feeling of what it was like.

yacht-club-islandYacht Club Island sits out in the lake, where it is usually framed by majestic Rumbling Bald Mountain, below.




On better days, Sugarloaf Mountain dominates the western view from high above the lake.Sugarloaf Mountain over Lake Lure 1

But on this day, it was barely visible through the smoke.buzzards-view

Driving back down to lake level, I found this rustic cabin perched above a giant boulder on a cove near the Lake Lure dam.KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still CameraEven in the midst of a threatening situation, there is still so much beauty to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Rumbling Bald Mountain Fire

  1. Too bad about the forest fire…….smoke can be a real problem…… well as the fire.  Hope it stays stable and the smoke moves on.  Beautiful cabin in last two pictures. Thanks for sharing,Patsy

  2. Bummer about the fire and smoke.  Hope they contained it.  How are you holding up after the election?  I know it has to be a disappointment particularly with NC going for Trump. 

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