Tallahassee in Late Autumn

Escaping the fire threat in the North Carolina Mountains, Florida seemed a good place to go. Earlier this week I spent three days in the state capitol, and found Tallahassee quite picturesque.

No tour of this historic Southern city can escape the beauty of Florida State University, founded in 1851, and Westcott Hall and fountain seemed the perfect place to begin.



Towering Loblolly Pine on campus

The Old City Cemetery just a few blocks away had the prettiest Camellia in town.camellia-1

In the area near the State Capitol building, many 19th century homes have been restored, and a walking tour is warranted.


Brokaw-McDougall House  1856-60

The most special place in the county is the iconic Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park on the northeast outskirts of town. Known internationally for its winter display of Camellias and springtime collection of Azaleas, Maclay Gardens is the most popular place in town for weddings.maclay-4

KODAK Digital Still Camera





KODAK Digital Still Camera

Camellia Blossoms 




KODAK Digital Still Camera

Japanese Maple



Lake Hall makes the perfect backdrop for strolling through the gardens.maclay-2



5 thoughts on “Tallahassee in Late Autumn

  1. You have an uncanny talent for going to and photograhing my favorite places in the south. We moved to Lake Lure to live here full time in 1999 after going back and forth from our home in Tallahassee for 10 years. That part of the Florida panhandle still speaks to me. Thank you for appreciating and highlighting some of its beauty.

  2. Tallahassee is a beautiful place and your photos certainly do show some of the most picturesque areas……thanks for sharing Patsy

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