Three Days of Winter Magic

With temperatures well below freezing since last Friday night, the weekend snow is still here, and still as beautiful. This morning awoke with 23 degrees and a heavy cloud cover that looked like more snow might be on the way. Both dogs arrived early and we walked down the road past Otter Pond, which is frozen over for the first time this winter.


The American Beech tree retains its colorful fall foliage all winter…KODAK Digital Still Camera

Brushy Top Mountain above the gorge carved out by a branch from Otter Pond…brushy-top-view

The pooches know this trail well, and Buddy likes to romp in the lower meadow.pooches

Inside the woods, the Branch flows toward Otter Creek, under many downed trees.branch

Where’s Buddy?  He was checking out a well used cave under a large boulder. A Bear perhaps?KODAK Digital Still Camera

Back out to where the Branch feeds into Otter Creek. This was the view up the creek, where fresh snow looked almost like a cascade falling from the mountain above.KODAK Digital Still Camera

In the other direction, Otter Creek flows under Bill’s Creek Road in the distance on its way to Cove Creek.down-otter-creek

Further up Otter Creek, a pond formed by another Branch has frozen over.two-ponds

Arriving home from the woods behind the house…rear-yard

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