Cedar Creek Gorge in Snow

I was out before sunrise this morning so I could see Cedar Creek Gorge before the snow melts today. A light rain fell during the night with temps holding just above freezing. Highs in the 50’s tomorrow will doom the last of the white stuff.

Cedar Creek Road still had snow as I climbed above 2,000 feet.cedar-6

Inside the gorge, the creek was surrounded by snow, as were the steep walls…cedar-4

Carefully climbing down from the road, the creek began its steep run that would fall 400 feet in less than a mile.KODAK Digital Still Camera

The upper falls had more water than I’ve seen in a while.cedar-1


Further down the gorge, icicles were still holding on above the rushing water.cedar-5

2 thoughts on “Cedar Creek Gorge in Snow

  1. Wow! you have had a beautiful week up there……snow must be mostly melted by now.  So happy you enjoyed it.Thanks for sharing…..get to see………not feel the cold. Patsy

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