Update on Cleghorn Plantation

In the summer of 2014, I reported that the 1837 Cleghorn Plantation mansion in Rutherford County, North Carolina, had been repaired with new windows, new woodwork on the veranda, and a general interior decluttering, making the dowager watertight. Today I revisited the house to see what had changed since then.

While I was disappointed that no new work has been done during this time, I am glad that the condition is no worse. The exterior glows with a new coat of white paint, and the structure looks to be solid. Here are the images that I made today. Most look very much like the ones I made in 2014. But here’s the best news of all.

In April of 2016, Tryon Equestrian Partners, developers of the nearby Tryon Equestrian Center, purchased the Cleghorn Golf and Country Club, including the historic plantation house. The new owners are planning to restore the house, and turn it into a farm to table restaurant in an effort to preserve and showcase the historic qualities of Rutherford County. 

cleghorn 1

cleghorn 6

cleghorn 3

cleghorn 2

cleghorn 5

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Cleghorn 4The view from behind the house looking up the 18th fairway. The mill stone is original.




7 thoughts on “Update on Cleghorn Plantation

  1. Thank you so much for the update, and I am so pleased to know the efforts going into the renovation and preservation. I am a 7th generation Cleghorn descendent and have loved seeing all your post. Especially this one.

  2. I saw the house for the first time sbout teo weeks ago. My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Cleghorn — descendrnts of these Cleghorns.
    I appreciate your post. I eould be interested in more details about the history of this area snd the Cleghorn family.
    David Dye

    • Thanks David… Lots of research to do on your family. So much history here…. Let’s stay in touch. Even though the new owners want to open the restaurant, there are many reasons why this property should be placed on the National Registry. Original 18″ thick brick walls… Original painted mural in the Hall… Original joist and roof beams, etc.
      Vann Helms

  3. Another Cleghorn response:
    1. Thank you to for this update and conscious concern for the property and its future. While I personally regret the big porch wrap around does not reflect the original architecture and structure, I agree that it looks good all things considered.
    2. I would love to see some effort to determine the extent of the term “plantation.” The land has a feel of a working farm and I wonder how far the complicated label of “plantation” really goes. Did this enterprise in its day involve enslaved people? Almost certainly. Was this like a SC “plantation,” probably not. What do we know and does that have to be in the contemporary “branding” of the place? We should not bury history, however unsavory, but we should be historicallly accurate.
    3. To my cousins, great to meet you. I live in Charlotte and am not a direct descendent of this property owner but am related via a brothe of occupant (I think). I would love to meet you. Am at Jcleghorn@caldwellpresby.org

    Rev. John Cleghorn

    • Thanks John. You’re so right about the use of the word “plantation”. Never heard of one in the North. Might have been a label placed on it by the original owners of the golf course to sell homesites. It DOES have a certain historic feel to it. More research needed, as usual… Vann Helms

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